Made in Germany.
Highest quality available.
Longer die life.
Compression molded.
High impact strength.
Constant hardness throughout.
Stress relieved.
Resists bowing.
Long service life.
No chipping or crumbling.
Guaranteed to perform.

Dedicated staff
serving your needs.

Uses: Shoe Industry
Cutting Material: Leather,
soft materials
Shore Hardness D: 72
Red-Brown Cutting Pads


Uses: Universal use; also as disposable cutting board of 3-12mm thickness
Cutting Material: Textiles, felts, fleeces, foam plastics, leather, insole materials, rubber, foils amd other soft materials
Shore Hardness D: 78
Natural Cutting Pads


Cast Nylon
Uses: Our hardest cutting board for cutting polyamide and difficult-to-cut materials.
Cutting Material: Kevlar, Nomex, and Ballistic Nylon
Shore Hardness D: 85
Cast Nylon Cutting Pads


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Pads can be used
from both sides.
Pads cut to your specifications.
Expert pad planing.
Quality mounting of pads
to Finnish Birch.
Optional rough or smooth
backed surfaces.
Different thicknesses available.
Conductive pads
also inventoried.
Mounting adhesive and double sided tape available.

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